random comic review – “THE TICK: The Complete Edlund”

I love The Tick.  I only heard about the character initially from the animated series and live-action show starring Patrick Warburton, but as I got more and more into comics and gradually got into a lot of independent stuff, I read some actual The Tick comics and my mind was a little blown.

So when I was casually browsing the shelves at Forbidden Planet last week and found a bunch of Tick collections from New England Comics, I was STOKED.  I didn’t really know what to do, which one to get, if I even SHOULD get anything because I’ve been waiting a bunch of other stuff…

So I said “Screw it!” and got “The Complete Edlund” collection.

If you don’t know anything about The Tick, then I’m just gonna say two things; Ninjas trying to surround a house to destroy it by pretending to be a hedge fence, and “Spoon!!”.

If you DO know stuff about The Tick, then I’m still going to point out the ninjas and “Spoon!!” because well, those are some pretty good indications of the level of spastic and subversive awesomeness in this book.  Just like the original run of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a pretty big dig at stuff like Marvel’s Electra and Frank Miller’s cyber-ninja in the future book Ronin, this is in the same sort of vein when it comes to “classic” superheroics.  I normally don’t like Superman pastiches outside of Wildstorm’s Mr. Majestic (I don’t even like Superman, but that’s another story so don’t ask), but the one going on here, who is basically a colossal dick, is pretty hilarious.

The Tick gets more and more fleshed out in this collection of early issues of the title, with the elements that people like me, who know the character from other media, love, developing more and more.  In the beginning it’s pretty obvious that the Tick’s mentally unstable in a slightly dark way, with the lighthearted satire coming later on.

Honestly, this is just straight-up awesome. If you love independent comics, sarcastic humor, satire, everything that made late 80’s/90’s underground American comics, you should get some Tick comics.  Lots of them.


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