random comic review – “Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin”

One of my favorite Iron Man stories is Warren Ellis and Adi Granov’s “Iron Man: Extremis”, mostly because of it helping to re-introduce the more tech/sci-fi aspects of Iron Man into the character’s mythos.  It definitely modernized the character to an amazing level, and 100% helped make Iron Man relevant again in comics.

I have to say though, Joe Casey and Eric Canete’s Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin might be up there right now for Favorite Iron Man Story.  While “Extremis” was definitely at the end of the Iron Man spectrum that highlights the science fiction aspect of the character, Casey’s, a rough re-telling of an old original Iron Man story where he first encounters the villainous ring-wielding Mandarin, a self-proclaimed heir to the legacy of Ghengis Khan, is far more in the vein of the action/adventurer aspect of Iron Man, though there’s a healthy amount of tech thrown in there on the sidelines to remind you of Iron Man’s science/technology background.

It’s often hard to try to modernize “classic” stories in comics and combining “classic” looks and designs with more modern technologies and visuals, but it works incredibly well here, creating a very cool timeless look to the miniseries that reminds me a lot of early episodes of “Batman: The Animated Series” or even to an extent, one of my favorite movies, the film adaptation of “The Shadow” starring Alec Baldwin.

Canete’s incredibly vibrant and fluid art is practically jumping out of the page here at you.  I’m definitely a fan of his work, which is a few shades away from practically moving like animation on the pages.  It’s just so cool and amazing, I can flip through the pages and not even read it, just loving the art.

If you’re looking for a really amazing Iron Man book that’s both an awesome introduction to the world of Iron Man as well as straight-up good non-canonical action/adventure times, definitely check this out.


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