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My new podcast obsession is Inkstuds, and I’ve definitely been enjoying the cool dulcet tones* of Robin McConnell as he and a rotating cast of creators and friends talk about the art of comics.

I’m not going to lie, my podcast listening habits are really weird.  I tend to mostly like comic book podcasts that only partially deal with comics, and will go off on stupidly cool tangents like baseball, pop culture, movies, TV, food, stuff like that.  It’s why my two favorite podcasts are War Rocket Ajax and Around Comics (AC no longer going on though), because they’re podcasts that don’t focus entirely about comics.  Not to say that they ignore comics because they don’t, but rather, it isn’t just a “So where do you get your ideas from/This current title is now my new all-time favorite comic!” style of interview and discussion.

Inkstuds though is at the very far other end of the podcasting spectrum, a lot of times delving super-deep into the art of making comics from both a writing as well as an artistic viewpoint.  It’s not just “where do you get your ideas from?”, but more of the open discussion-style of reporting and interviewing that I saw a lot in the defunct ‘zine “PUNK PLANET”, which I love.

I’m sitting here writing this as I’m listening to Robin talk to Jeff Lemire in an old episode and they’re talking about being Canadian and being inspired by HG Wells, and then I’m listening to him talk to Jeff Smith about their love of Walt Kelly’s Pogo.  Freakin’ Pogo!

I will admit that I don’t really know who some of the guys that end up on the show, because I am not as “underground” when it comes to comics as others.  Like, I still put Green Lantern as one of my favorite titles in comics.  Still, it’s very very cool to listen and find out the random creative parts of artists’ and writers’ minds.

If you’re looking for a new podcast to check out, you should definitely give them a listen.

*) CONFESSION; I don’t know what “cool dulcet tones” actually means.


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