webcomix – “Dog Eat Doug”

I’m a little hesitant about this strip because I don’t know if I’d classify Dog Eat Doug as a webcomic, or a newspaper comic that has an online outlet.  Regardless, I found this comic online, it began online as an online webcomic, and I primarily read it online, so to me, it’s a webcomic.

A giant-headed little baby named Doug and a smartass dog named Sophie that have various adventures as the littlest members of a family, the simplicity of the setting combined with smart writing and beautiful artwork makes it a quality strip.  It’s impossible to deny the influence of Bill  Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes on strips like this, but there’s more here because Brian Anderson does his own thing with Dog Eat Doug.  There’s even a little Peanuts here with the parents, while shown, are only shown from either behind or under furniture or inside a car, or above the knee.

Doug and Sophie share a love-hate relationship, with the baby utterly entranced with the little chocolate lab as he slowly grows up and experiences the world around him.  Sophie on the other hand is a little more wary of the newest addition to the family, though in the end she does appreciate having a human sidekick, especially when the two go off on imaginative adventures in the vein of Jules Verne and James Bond.

When I became a member of the GoComics community and was experimenting with new comics online to read (you can find DeD there), I discovered Anderson’s work.  It was a pretty pleasant surprise and the beginning of my introduction of being more active in reading newspaper strips regularly.  This comic definitely has a little special place in my heart.


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One Response to webcomix – “Dog Eat Doug”

  1. Having found your blog through tags, I followed your suggestion and checked out Dog Eat Doug. Delightful stuff. The newest comic mentioning Cujo is hilarious. I’ll be reading more.

    Thanks for the suggestion,

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