Jeff Smith’s Cartoon Books ditch Diamond for PGW

The past year’s been interesting when it comes to comic book distribution giant Diamond, but not necessarily in a good way.  A few publishers have taken a stand and stopped doing business with Diamond, a pretty huge step considering the practical monopoly that the company has over mainstream comic book distribution in the United States.

And now, Jeff Smith of BONE and Rasl fame has decided to take his personal imprint, Cartoon Books, away from Diamond and instead given the rights to distribution to PGW instead.  Smith created Cartoon Books in 1991 to start distributing his comic book BONE, which he wrote, drew, and self-released throughout the period between then and 2004.

It definitely seems like the monopoly that a lot of people were saying Diamond was setting up a few years ago when they became the only big comic book distribution company around is slowly but surely starting to crumble.  Personally, I think that while it’s nice to be able to have the reach that Diamond does, a little bit of competition and variety in book distribution is never a bad thing.

Thanks to The Beat for the tip.


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