Random Record Review – Thinking Machines, “Work Tapes”

Thinking Machines

Work Tapes

(TMvFM (2010)

Wow.  Vocals straight outta Jawbox, son!

OK, only partially.  Still, Work Tapes by Thinking Machines is an interesting post-punk start to a record that definitely is drawing on a late-80’s and early-90’s influence for an interesting experimental sound.  It’s not a totally alien sound, but to be honest, not what I normally expect to hear from bands coming out of the Philadelphia area, which has created a shit-ton of amazing old-fashioned hardcore bands in the past few years.  Kid Dynamite and Lifetime cast a mighty long shadow long after they’re gone.

I don’t hate it right off the bat.  And even though that sounds really harsh, it’s not, I swear.  It’s just that I hear so much terrible music that the instant something interesting and fresh like this hits my inner ear, I’m automatically like “well shit, dawg, this is going into the ‘to-keep’ pile!”.  I’m such a nerd for stuff influenced by post-hardcore, and Thinking Machines are definitely bringing the “post” at full force, without a lot of the art-school pretentiousness that you associate with it these days.

Two embittered and jaded thumbs up.


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