Random Movie Review – “Black Dynamite”

Once again, thanks to War Rocket Ajax for tipping me onto this movie, and Starz On Demand for having it available to watch any time.

I love bad movies.  Like, my brother got me “The Beast Must Die” on DVD for Christmas and it’s probably one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten, even though that’s kind of a terrible movie.  I love pulpy campy horror/cult insanity in my movies, which lead to an obsession with Hammer Horror, and me thinking this movie is amazing.

An homage-slash-pastiche of every blaxploitation movie ever, “Black Dynamite” is about the eponymous hero, a former soldier, CIA agent, badass ladies man, and moustachioed martial artist finding out the truth of who killed his brother and then taking on The Man.  That’s basically it, but of course the story doesn’t really matter.

What matters are all the other little things, from the Arsenio Hall cameo, the “flubs” that made it into the “final cut”, the graininess of what’s supposedly the quality of the reel, and even an “edit” where an extra is actually hit in the face by accident during a fight, the other actors stop, the extra yells “What the fuck man?”, and then there’s an edit cut in an attempt to “cut this out” and comes back with a new actor in the scene…

I could go on forever with all the little things I loved about this movie, but I want to save some of it for you to see and appreciate.  Regardless, “Black Dynamite” is totally fucking pure cult fun.

Get yourself watching this movie as soon as you can, dig?

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