Random Record Review – Sundowner, “We Chase The Waves”


We Chase The Waves

Asian Man (2010)

I adore Sundowner. There was a very weird period of my life where the first album, Four One Five Two, was the only record that mattered to me, and to be honest it still is a little infuriating that Chris McCaughn, the voice behind Sundowner and 1/3 of reknowned Chicago punk band The Lawrence Arms, seems to still always get looked over in favor of other member Brendan Kelly as the “talented” one of that group.

Whatever, I skip most of Brendan’s songs when I listen to Lawrence Arms records.

Chris’s smooth and beautifully imperfect voice, combined with simple acoustic guitars and occasionally other instruments and vocals, is a wonderful combination that has broken away from the God-awful trend in modern punk rock of guys thinking they’re Johnny Cash and trying to write a country record.  If anything, We Chase The Waves continues Sundowner‘s unique cry against that, being more in the vein of incredibly sad but also uplifting pop music with pure Americana influences.  I mean don’t get me wrong, there’s a punk rock backbone here, but like I said, this is more than a vanity project by some punk rock frontman who’s listened to too many Bob Dylan and Hank III records.

Sundowner is winter music, spring music, fall music, summer music, porch music, home alone music, travel music, sad music, happy music…it’s music in it’s purest form, with none of the pretensions that make me want to burn all my records.  It makes me want to be happy, something that’s increasingly rare in music these days.


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