on Wildstorm

I want to make one thing clear before I start;

I’m not “in” the comic book industry. I just write about comics and make stupid webcomics for myself. I have no insider information about the comic book industry, DC, Wildstorm, or anything.  So I’m coming at this just as a fan, and as an annoying Internet commentator.

DC Comicshas announced that they’re folding up the Wildstorm imprint, home to a variety of DC-related projects like Welcome To Tranquility, DV8, WildCATS, Sparta USA, The Authority, stuff like that.  It started out established by Jim Lee and was picked up as a side imprint of DC Comics in 1999, and alongside Vertigo, was sort of a playground for one-off and creator-owned stuff.

The “end” of Wildstorm is technically a mixture of the ending of various titles and the transferring of others to under the banner of DC Comics proper, and no technical “end” of the imprint has been declared.  It’s technically a reshuffling that’s coinciding with the new bicoastal setup that DC has going on (comics on the East Coast, movies and other properties going to LA).

This is coming a few months after the “end” of DC’s Zuda webcomics project/imprint, where popular Zuda titles will be continuing under DC proper thanks to DC’s big mega-huge digital move around the same time.  And similar to my feelings on that, while it’s cool that DC is going to be keeping some of this stuff going still, I have to say that I’m a little sad that remaining titles aren’t going to remain under the old banner/publishing header.

It just seems to me that it’s an attitude of “welcome to the BIG LEAGUES NOW, KID”, as if Wildstorm works weren’t “good enough” on their own and need to be DC proper in order to be legitimate.

I don’t know, like I said, I don’t have any sort of insider information or connections about the industry, I’m just a fan. I just figured that if they’re going to keep on some titles, why not just cancel what they  don’t want to keep, and maintain the Wildstorm name for the titles that they are keeping?  DC does have Vertigo as a more “mature” and experimental side, but honestly, there’s more to experimentation in comics than just “not doing superheroes but also DARK AND DOOM AND GRITTY”.  I think WildCATS is the best example of good superhero stuff that’ s not Big 2 proper, that has its own world there in Wildstorm.

Anyway, I’m still interested to see what goes on at DC after December regardless, so I’m not going to call this a totally “negative” thing, but I’m still bummed enough that I don’t wanna entirely praise this.

We’ll see.

Thanks to The Beat for the news.

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