Random Record Review – Hostage Calm, “S/T”

Hostage Calm


Run For Cover (2010)

I will say this, Hostage Calm‘s self-titled full-length is strikingly honest and ambitious.

And whereas a lot of “ambitious” records from bands can be really hit or miss, this is right there, reaching out and grasping at my arm, almost catching it.  It’s a little uneven to be honest, jumping from pop-punk to melodic post-hardcore to almost radio-ready rock, but that works to it’s experimental advantage at times.  At it’s peak, this album reminds me of a more melodic Bear Vs. Shark, who totally blew brains like a gun in my opinion.

There’s a lot of potential in Hostage Calm that I would definitely love to hear grow, I could definitely see them getting comfortable in their own unique sound and style and not jump around so much.  Overall I could see this record growing on me with repeat listenings and tacos.


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