Random Record Review – Natural Disasters, “S/T”

Natural Disasters


Bermuda Mohawk (2010)

Well clearly SOMEONE has been listening to their Bad Religion records a lot.

Not that that’s a bad thing, at all.  In fact, this record is straight-up nostalgia for me, making me think of my old Vision and Pennywise records, somewhere on a rack or in a shoebox at my parents’ place.  Or alternately, in a box in a friend’s parents’ house.

Record-swapping was a big thing with my friends and I back in the day.

Anyway…while I don’t want to say something cliche like “this is the music I grew up on” or “this is the music I used to listen to when I was a kid”, Natural Disasters IS that sound, the “SoCal punk” sound I grew up on when I was younger, skating around the neighborhood, thrashing and tagging all over.  This CD definitely brought a lot of that back, and while I wouldn’t say that it’d totally blew me away like it would have when I was that age, it still brought back a lot of good memories and feelings.


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