the Cheapo Bin

Leor Galil, a blogger/music journalist who’s of the vein of writer that I totally love and respect (I like to think of it as the post-hardcore/post-PUNK PLANET style of journalism), has a new project going called Cheapo Bin.

I used to read Leor’s columns at Truth/Slant a lot, as well as his blog Perfect Lines, so when this popped up on Tumblr, I was excited.  It’s basically spotlights on random winners that Leor’s found in bargain CD bins, a hunt that I used to do A LOT back when I had more disposable income and space wasn’t too much of an issue for me.  It’s a really cool little thing that definitely strikes a personal chord with me, being part of that CD generation.

You should definitely check it out, even if you’re not on Tumblr.  If you’ve ever just gone to blow $10 on CD’s at the record store one lazy weekend and felt like listening to Blackstreet or The Twilight Sad, Marcy’s Playground or Nine Days, then this is something you’ll definitely appreciate.


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