random comic review – “The Green Woman”


I don’t really know what just happened other than I just read The Green Woman, an original graphic novel from Vertigo by authors Peter Straub and Michael Easton, and artist John Bolton.  If I had to sum this up, it’s a little bit Hellblazer and a little bit “Se7en”, with a dash of classic noir PI in there too.  That’s a really shallow and quick description though, to be honest, because there is a lot more going on here.

Washed up cop Bob Steele is considered a joke by everyone, but he’s determined that he’s the one who’ll manage to finally catch a mysterious serial killer known as Fielding Bandolier (who’se actually a character of Straub’s from his prose novels).  Meanwhile, “Fee” is getting older and tired, and the two men are being drawn together in a final confrontation, with otherworldly hands pulling the strings.

OK, first off, Bolton’s art.  Amazing, almost-but-not-quite photorealistic paints and soft, almost nonexistent lines that make this whole thing a riot of blacks and color.  It’s a little muddled to be honest, though I can see it adding to the almost dream/nightmare-like quality of the setting, the story, the whole atmosphere.

I’m not familiar with Straub and Easton’s work, and I’m not going to lie; a good part of the book’s story was pretty confusing until a few things came together, and I’m not sure if it took that long (relatively speaking) for the two authors to get to that point because of a lack of familiarity with writing comics.

I mean it wasn’t bad at all.  It’s a great supernatural detective story with some beautiful art.  It just didn’t bowl me over, hit me in that gut sensation way that I feel when really awesome stuff affects me.  I will say, there were times when it creeped me the fuck out a bit, and I’m sitting on the couch reading it in broad daylight.


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2 Responses to random comic review – “The Green Woman”

  1. Ron says:

    A weird book and one I think I’ll have to re-read in several settings to really absorb all the nuances.

    I’ve never read any of Straub’s work but it had me thinking if some novelists struggle with comic books/graphic novels because there are somethings you can do in a book that you can’t in a comic book. Detective stories are hard enough without being a supernatural one in comics. Unless the visual language is Johnny-on-the-spot, the reader is kind of left to his own devices to figure it out with no reference or help at all.
    I enjoy Bolton’s work. It’s eerie and feels slow paced but I wonder if he really understood the story enough to flesh it out for the reader?

    Jus some random thoughts…

  2. Kerellane says:

    great blog , how are you doing now eeh?

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