random comic review – “Sweet Tooth”

I really really love Jeff Lemire’s work.  He’s probably one of the most unique artists out there right now, with a writing style that’s got a perfect balance of dialogue as well as raw storytelling (something a lot of writers struggle with).  One of his current projects, Vertigo’s Sweet Tooth, is the perfect example of what’s so rad about Lemire’s art and writing.

A mysterious plague has ravaged the world, triggering the usual mass pandemoneum, violence, and death.  As the world slowly begins to heal and the face of civilization is slowly trying to fix itself (with varying degrees of success), the next generation of kids are born.

And they’re all “hybrids”, prized for their mixed animal/human physiology and a natural immunity to the plague.  Gus, a boy with antlers raised by his father in the woods, is a hybrid, who begins an adventure with a man named Jeppard, in search of “The Preserve” and a place where he can be safe.  But it’s a dangerous world out there, especially for someone as naive as Gus…

I’ve been meaning to read Sweet Tooth for a while now, and finally getting my hands on Volume 1, “Out Of The Woods” gave me a chance to check it out from the start.  And it’s pretty awesome.  I’m not normally a fan of post-apocalytic/post-disaster fiction, it tends to be an almost bigger mess of literary cliches than vampires, but this time seeing the journey through Gus’s eyes, as combined with Lemire’s writing and one-of-a-kind artwork definitely makes it worth it.

Sweet Tooth‘s now officially on my to-follow list, and has definitely helped cement Jeff Lemire as one of my all-time favorite comic creators (though Essex County and The Nobody sure didn’t hurt either).  If you have a chance and are looking for a new Vertigo series to check out, make sure this is it.


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