random comic review – “A Sickness In The Family”

Well, didn’t see that coming. 

Then again, I honestly rarely do when it comes to the Vertigo Crime hardcover series from DC/Vertigo.  So of course, the ultimate twist at the end of A Sickness In The Family again has me yelling “WHAT?” and “HOLY SHIT!” a lot around the house when I’m done.

A family with dark secrets of their own begin to spiral out of control after a horrific act of seemingly random violence prompts them to begin renovations on their home.  Soon however, something seemingly almost supernatural is going on as the all start to lash out and die, until only at the end do you really find out what’s going on in this house.  The story by Denise Mina, with art by Antonio Fuso, totally had me going, watching the downfall of the Usher family, until BAM, punched me right in the nuts when I was instead expecting that kick to the neck.

Seriously, if you’re interested in crime/police fiction, horror, and classic noir, you should be reading the Vertigo Crime series of books.  And make sure that you get this one while you’re at it.


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I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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