Random Record Review – Insouciant, “Dresser”



Not Rock (2010)

I know Insouciant basically means “jaunty” or “carefree” to an extent, but honestly, this band is anything but.  Despite the simplicity of the sound, there’s a surprising level of subtle, below-the-initial-listen intricacy here that stays away from going overkill and manages to foster a very relaxing atmosphere with a bit of a spine in there that’s abotu to bubble over into from ambiance into Fugazi-style singalongs.

This band has a very definite Look! Mexico vibe, a post-punk/ambient/post-hardcore vibe that borrows equally from the well of Americana and folk, Dischord Records, and catchy pop.  It’s a sound that’s slowly but surely growing on me, and I like it.


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I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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