Random Record Review – Two Cow Garage, “Sweet Saint Me”

Two Cow Garage

Sweet Saint Me

Suburban Home (2010)

OK, no fronting, I paid for this album. I can’t remember the last time I paid for music by a band that was still together.  Not because I illegally downloaded it, but because I just haven’t found anything on my own that I’ve loved so insanely.

Both Tessa and I have to thank our English bud Andy for crowing about Two Cow Garage enough to get our attention, which is sad because this band is initially from here in Columbus, OH.  And they’re fucking awesome.

Sweet Saint Me is straight-up Midwestern American punk rock ‘n roll, in the truest sense.  I can’t adequetly describe it any further than that really.  The Violet Femmes meets Woody Guthrie meets Dillinger Four, I guess, but even then you have to instead listen to fully understand .  The easy-to-apply label of “Midwestern Punk Sound”, a culmination of punk rock and hardcore, working-class sensibilities, and classic American music like Americana, folk, and rock ‘n roll, is in the full effect with this band.

It’s popular for reason, reaching out and, just like this band, hook your brain and get at your heart, which is always the sign of a band that’s more than just a quick musical fix.  Two Cow Garage are definitely here to stay, both in my own record collection but great Ohio and American music in general.

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I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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