webcomix – “Scenes From A Multiverse”

Scenes From A Multiverse is the latest webcomic project from Jonathan Rosenberg, who created the incredibly popular webcomic Goats.

Or so I hear, I never actually read Goats. I know, I’m terrible at webcomics, so sue me. However, Jonathan’s work came to my attention from a public recommendation by Jeph Jacques, so I figured I’d give it a try.

Scenes is a science nerd’s wet dream, and I’m no exception here.  Each strip is a humorous view of the weirdness in a multiverse, with worlds and physics terminology beyond your wildest comprehension (and some that are just filled with farting broccoli people).  The “schtick” of the strip is that readers can vote on Fridays for their favorite strip/”world”, which Jonathan will revisit in a later strip.  It’s a pretty ingenious idea to both maintain the randomness of the strip as well as maintain a level of a “continuous story”.

I really like the combination of raw science and science-nerd humor, without resorting to dumbing it down or falling into “evil science” cliches.  This is an earnest love of math, outer space, aliens, science, and physics translating into a comic form, and that’s definitely something I get behind.


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