Random Comic Review – “Awakening” vol. 1

They say don’t believe the hype. I myself am probably irrationally anti-hype. Seriously, it took me forever to see “The Dark Knight” because no one would shut up about it.  And yet, the hype around this book was pretty unique and worth checking out.

Awakening is a comic about a small group that end up investigating an ever-growing wave of attacks in a dark and smoky town.  The “Z” word is being slowly but surely bandied about, but is it really that simple? And what does the seemingly-abandoned office once used by a huge pharmaceutical company that sits outside of town have to do with anything?

OK, let’s get the obvious out of the way; This isn’t exactly the most original story concept at first glance. However, while the story does end up going in a few interesting places that definitely make it a step above normal zombie comics, what really blows me away is the art.

A lush and frantic mix of scratchy lines and fluid watercolors, I haven’t really seen a lot in comics.  At least not done effectively, that is.  Watercolors are a tricky beast to deal with, which is why you so rarely see them. And yet, it’s pulled off here, building a level of moodiness and melancholy all over the setting.  It might be broad daylight on one page, but the atmosphere is still one fraught with uncertainty and ugliness and fear.

I am definitely getting my hands on the last half of the story in volume 2. You should get on this as well.


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