Random Comic Review – “Victorian Undead: Sherlock Holmes VS Dracula” #1

A sequel to Victorian Undead: Sherlock Holmes VS Zombies, this is pretty much what you’d expect for a new #1 mini about the world’s greatest detective (even greater than Batman, believe it or not*) battling Stoker’s unholy King of the Vampires.

Mirroring quite a few elements from the classic novel doesn’t hurt the story either, which is something I definitely appreciated.

Seriously…it’s not rocket science, it’s a fun horror comic from DC/Wildstorm (or technically, just DC from now on) that pushes all my prime comic buttons. Literary characters I love, horror, a minimum of “steampunk” (ugh…steampunk)…it’s all rad.

I suppose if you’re the “every comic has to have meaning” type you’ll dismiss this sort of comic, or just pass it off as an easily-done Big 2 attempt to get an audience without having to do the work of creating new characters or do interesting stuff with their preexisting ones.

What are you, some kind of Commie? I just told you, it’s Sherlock Holmes fighting Dracula! HOW CAN YOU NOT BE EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE THIS?!?


*) Sorry Sims, but not even Batman can top Holmes

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