Jim Rhodes, Iron Man’s friend and the tech-armored & armed hero War Machine, is going to be starring in the Marvel title IRON MAN 2.0, which is being written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Barry Kitson, will premier a new lean & mean War Machine suit. Meant to suit the new kinds of missions Rhodes will be apparently undertaking in the series, it’s premiered online to a mixed response so far.

Lacking the shoulder- and arm-mounted weaponry alongside the conventional Iron Man-esque repulsor weapons in the chest and palms, this is a little different. It’s far more like the latest few incarnations of the Iron Man armor, modular and adaptable rather than just going all-out all the time.

I personally think it’s an interesting take in the character, sort of the opposite of the last War Machine series (where he was a weapons technology-assimilating cyborg, which I really dug). Forcing a conventional-type of superhero soldier to have to adapt to a new weapon and a new battlefield is going to be a challenge to do effectively, but Spencer’s shown that he’s a writer fans love and can put some faith in. I’ll definitely be giving this a chance.

Anyway, there’s also some concept art showing off some rough designs before the suit was finalized.

It’s a far cry from the original concept for War Machine, a gun-covered, weapon-bristling version of the Iron Man armor;

However, the suit still manages to convey that while it’s still a more heavily-armed version of Iron Man (the overall bulk, the “utility belt/pod” aspect, retractable weapons in the forearms, etc), it’s also keeping up technology-wise with the newest generation of the armor Stark’s using, the lightweight and streamlined “Bleeding Edge” suit/Iron Man’s new posthuman body.

Iron Man 2.0 #1 will be on shelves February 9th. Check it and the new suit out then.

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2 Responses to The new WAR MACHINE

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  2. Josh says:

    The first sketch (file “design1.jpg”) is the better design. It’s sleek and it’s inconspicuous. By that, I mean that the weapons systems are not out in the open or obvious (no shoulder mounted gun cannons, etc). Which, to me, makes it seem a lot more dangerous. What can it do? What sort of weaponry does it have and what is it capable of? That’s what makes it seem new and cool to me.

    It’s a shame they scrapped that design and went all IRON MAN film armor with it. With the new take on War Machine being about new, outside-the-box forms of warfare, it would have been neat to see Marvel do something, y’know, outside-the-box*. But that’s not going to happen because they have a mega successful film franchise to emulate.

    *like when they did this:

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