Why J.H. Williams III is awesome, point #4,393

The oft-controversial and troublesome character of DC’s Batwoman made a huge critical and sales smash with an appearance in Detective Comics, written by Greg Rucka and with art by JH Williams III.

Now, Williams is also known for working with Warren Ellis on Desolation Jones, and with Alan Moore on Promethea. He’s a mind-bendingly good artist, creating pages that make you stop and catch your breath before turning the page.

For example, this is from BATWOMAN #0, from DC Comics;

Now, look at it upside-down;

And again, on a horizontal plane;


You need to turn the page upside-down from panel to panel to see it correctly, and understand that the first panel is meant to mirror what happened. The action is meant to flashback to action in previous scenes, to highlight a point about the character of Kate Kane.

The whole thing’s meant to be constantly rotated in in your hands as you read to realize it’s mirrored.

How amazing is that?

Seriously, consider it…looked at while holding the page in just one way makes you think that one panel’s merely impossible motion and posing, no matter how you look at it (upside-down or rightside-up).  However, if you accept that the action can only be understood if you’re constantly rotating the book in your hands, changing the horizontal AND vertical axis, then everything makes perfect sense!

And that…that is why artist JH Williams III is so freaking amazing.

EDIT: Thanks to reader Josh, I’m reminded that part of this page was in fact drawn by Amy Reeder Hadley instead of Williams. Thanks for the catch, man!

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2 Responses to Why J.H. Williams III is awesome, point #4,393

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  2. Josh says:

    Credit where credit’s due: The uncostumed, Kate Kane panel is drawn by Amy Reeder Hadley.

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