A good look at Chris Evans as Captain America

Marvel Entertainment’s released a nice hi-res image of Chris Evans in his full-on Captain America regalia from the upcoming “The First Avenger: Captain America”.

Click to embiggen;

The assumptions/story being floated around by a variety of people is that Cap initially is introduced to the world in this film as a USO spokesman, wearing a dopey costume with a Templar-style ceremonial shield. Only later on in the film will he actually go into battle, and this is basically a paratrooper-style take on his USO-style costume. He’s also got his round indestructible shield here too.

There are a few rumors and/or confirmations (I think) that Howard Stark will appear in the film as well.  The father of Tony Stark/Iron Man and (in the film universe) an inventor and founder of SHIELD, a lot of people are assuming Howard will create this prototype Kevlar-esque costume for Captain America.

I think that it looks good. A little busy with the mix of practical military gear/buckles and the colors of the costume, but good. The general movement in the past few years in art and writing to portray Captain America’s original WW2 costume as being more time-appropriate (something highlighted in…ugh…Mark Millar’s Ultimates books and continued since then) has definitely helped streamline the relatability and “reality” of the character, at least to me.

I know that people are going to complain that the infamous cowl wings aren’t sticking out on the sides.  Kevlar wasn’t invented until the 1960’s, so the look of padded and quilted uniforms presumably hiding armor plates is pretty historically spot-on. Especially if it’s meant to be experimental. The rest, from the belt to the modified helmet/mask to the bandolier and shoulder armor all indicate that this is a costume built for a “supersoldier”, a one-man army unit.

The “classic” comic book Captain America outfit is pretty cheesy, let’s be honest. The original’s outer trunks, flared pirate boots, and “scale armor” that only covers the shoulders and upper chest, but leaves the rest unprotected? I do admire how in more recent years, Steve Rogers as Captain America was portrayed in costume as wearing a WW2 soldier-style utility belt (something carried over to the new Cap, Bucky), but overall, it’s a very kitschy costume only made “believable” and possible by excellent writing.

I guess we’ll see just how well the costume works when the movie hits theaters July 22nd, 2011.

c/o Marvel.com

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2 Responses to A good look at Chris Evans as Captain America

  1. Stan says:

    Heh, well most “classic” comic book outfits look pretty silly. I’m liking the movie’s rendition, although something about the chinstrap’s bugging me. Maybe I just hate chinstraps. But I actually like that the wings are a decal instead of real wings, because that’d look ridiculous in live action.

    Remaining cautiously optimistic overall.

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