Random Record Review – So Adult, “Rookie”

So Adult


Raptor’s Delight (2011)


I never really liked The Replacements. Besides “Bastards Of Young” (covered by everyone and their mother), their songs just didn’t really do it for me.  I point this shocking revelation about me, a bastion of underground “punk rawk” listening habits, for one very particular reason;

This came in the mail as a CD and as a cassette tape, which was good because I haven’t had a functional cassette player in quite a few years. Anyway…So Adult are very influenced by the Replacements. Featuring members of Northwest melodic hardcore punk rock titans Shook Ones (who I love), So Adult are a sloppy rock ‘n roll-influenced four-piece powerpop band with stripped-down guitars, raspy vocals, and dirty melodies.

It’s not bad, not by any means really. I mean, I love bands like Archers Of Loaf, Superchunk, Samiam, the various bands Bob Mould’s been in, etc. This fits perfectly into that sort of mold of indie music.

Not gonna lie, it’s not perfect. Like I said, the fact that I’m not a really big Replacements fan makes me listen to this and initially go “Oh, someone’s been listening to Tim a lot recently!”. It can be a little repetitious and boring for a stretch, it took me a few listens to be able to differentiate between all seven tracks on “Rookie”.  Still, it’s a solid overall little record.

One gripe? Sort of sick of hearing punk bands throw the word “suburbia” around in songs. It got boring after Screeching Weasel did it the first thousand times and then when Blink 182 ripped them off, it’s still kind of a dumb cliche to complain about at this point.

Other than that? well, if you’re like me and sick to death of art-school dropouts thinking their wannabe-Rooney cover band should expand into ironic Barry White covers and instrumental 8-minute monstrosities generically labeled as “pop”…then yes, you’ll like this. There’s a lot of potential here if, like I said, they can shake off the obvious Replacements influence and come into their powerpop own.

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