random record review – V/A, “Friends With Benefits”


Friends With Benefits

Love/Hate Records (2010)

I like Love/Hate Records. They always take interesting chances with records and bands, so this compilation, featuring a ton of songs (including unreleased tracks) from the likes of the grunge-esque but catching Brickmower and the awesome-but-dangerous-to-listen-to Rapid Cities, is a welcome surprise to find in the stack of CD’s waiting to get listened to.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that I like about half of this compilation. While L/H Records has hit it out of the park at times with bands and records, there’s a lot on here that just doesn’t hit anything for me music-wise, just coming across like pretentious indie-pop bullshit that sounds suspiciously like stolen Nick Cave, The Killers, or Maroon 5 riffs and melodies.

Maybe it’s just the bitter old man in me, unwilling to try anything new. Maybe it’s my own admittedly-narrow musical palate, soured even moreso by shifting sociocultural trends in music. Maybe it’s because nothing will ever top a certain handful of records I worship as the absolute peak of music-making and I feel like I’m beyond the age when compilation records do anything for me, but as I said, about half of this compilation works music-wise, actually moving me and making me excited.

The rest is just sort of background noise.

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