Your first look at the THUNDERCATS cartoon update

Rumors and speculation have been floating along the usual half-baked lies and “exclusives” of the Internet for a while now about a remake of the much-beloved 1985-1990 Rankin/Bass action cartoon THUNDERCATS.

This was awaiting all my usual readings this morning when I woke up;

So, waddaya think?

Personally? I like it, it’s an interesting look that could work, that gives some more varation besides just switching heads/outfits/colors of male characters, but still retains elements of recognition from the original characters and cartoon.

Of course, this is just a promotional image with no animation available to see yet so we can check out the action, voice acting, etc…but it’s a good start. No matter how much nostalgia this revs up in brains like mine, raised on cereal and comic books and Rankin/Bass productions after school and on Saturday mornings, at its heart this is going to be a cartoon aimed at a younger audience, young kids who watch this sort of stuff with fresh eyes unfettered by past memories and fears of their childhood icons being “destroyed” by remakes.

Or whatever it is nerds say when their feelings get hurt.

c/o ComicsAlliance

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