Random Record Review – Transit, “Keep This To Yourself”


Keep  This To Yourself

Rise Records/Run For Cover Records (2011)

In a hypothetical black-and-white world of music and music appreciation, there are two types of musicians.  There are the ones that make music because they have to, out of some sort of artistic bottleneck effect that compels them to create or end up submerging themselves into a pool of wet concrete…

Then there would be the ones who make music because they want to.  The ones who do it out of a joyous and positive celebration of art and culture and bromance and positivity and creativity. They embrace that at its heart, music is fun, so why not have fun doing it?

Transit is the kind of band that has fun doing it.

As melody-infused and jagged and technical post-hardcore has slowly made a comeback in independent music after a dry spell brought on by cliche jock metalheads and overindulged art-school weirdos with ironic musical tastes, a specific type of band has started to emerge, one that I’m glad is rearing its head. Because there are hardcore punk bands, and then there are hardcore punk bands that listen to hardcore punk.

Then…there are hardcore punk bands that don’t actually listen to any hardcore.

Transit is the kind of rapid-fire, lush, and intricate melodic hardcore band that doesn’t just sit around listening to other peer-group and scene-related bands, creating an almost incestuously intrinsic sound that’s good, but the same as fifty other guys  who grew up listening to the same Lifetime and Discount records we all did.

The boys of this Boston-based outfit though recognize the dangers of only wrapping yourself in the patch- and button-covered hoodie of underground hardcore punk, and embraced outside influences and melodies.

This record’s a great progression from their previous works, all amazing but still steps towards a more penultimate artistic achievement of a fucking rad sound.  In a way this record definitely reminds me of bands like Jawbreaker, Fugazi, and Polar Bear Club…taking loves and sounds and influences but being comfortable enough to craft your own unique voice.

I know it’s cheap and cliche to say stuff like this as a wrapup, but Transit are the kind of band that’s renewed my faith in music.

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