Random Record Review – Real Good, “demo tape”

Real Good

demo tape

self-released (2011)

SHORT VERSION: I’m reminded of Samiam and J Church almost instantly, which in my book is always good.

LONG VERSION: Some days, I really miss simple music. I really do. Don’t get me wrong, groups like Fugazi and Hot Water Music, post-punk and post-hardcore bands that are always trying to push the envelope with some of the most insane and groundbreaking music I’ve ever heard.  At the same time though, I miss power trios like Husker Du, I miss songs without crazy breakdowns or off-time rhythms or whatever.

ANYWAY, I love Rapid Cities, Brick Mower, and Lock And Key, modern punk/indie/post-hardcore bands with amazingly fresh sounds that all still managed to sound like all my favorite records. So here I am in 2011, and I find out some of their members have founded a band called Real Good?

I don’t know where the line is for the hugs, beers, and high fives is, but I wanna get in it.

The mix of post-hardcore and almost emo pop sensibilities and melody is pretty great, despite seemingly lacking any sort of “heavy” guitar and bass work.  And unlike most of the crap that gets classified as post-punk or indie these days that’s crossed my radar, this is no off-tone and spineless sound with nothing going on besides guitar noodling and terrible vocals.

I’m predicting a lot of awesome stuff from Real Good. Road trip songs, late night beers songs, and best friend songs. It’ll be good…real good.*

*) I apologize for that hideous pun.

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I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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