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random comic review – Tales Of The Multiverse “Batman: Vampire”

I have been wanting to read this collection forever. There’s definitely an aspect of reading and discussing comics where you realize that the work as a whole is more than simply the sum of its parts.  It’s more than just … Continue reading

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random movie review – “Batman: Under The Red Hood”

Jason Todd and the “A Death in the Family” and “Under The Red Hood” storylines are undoubtedly a controversial mess of hornets in the Batman mythos.  Todd’s sort of become a bit of a difficult character to deal with since … Continue reading

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This is pretty exciting.  Scott Snyder, writer (alongside Stephen King) of Vertigo’s hit series American Vampire, has been announced as the new writer for DC’s Detective Comics starring Batman. Snyder is primarily known as a writer for his collection of … Continue reading

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random toy find – Batman

– This is a toy up in the “Misc.” section of the local CVS, and it grabbed my attention at first because it’s in the mold of my personal favorite, the Bruce Timm-style Batman.  Specifically it’s “The New Batman Adventures” … Continue reading

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c/o The Source Batman Beyond is back! Well, sort of.  DC’s got a six-issue miniseries coming up written by Adam Beechen and drawn by Ryan Benjamin. I’m sorta stoked, because I really liked that cartoon, the costume, the setting, and … Continue reading

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Forgotten Comic Book Adaptations

The 2000 film X-Men is, from what I’ve read, generally considered the beginning the now-almost-ridiculous comic book-to-movie “boom.”  I always think that it’s weird, because way before that film came out there were films that were adaptations of comic books/graphic … Continue reading

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