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I Don’t Wanna Go Home

– — Thanks to for pointing this in my direction.  It’s a short documentary on the RAZORCAKE ‘zine. I’ve contributed to RAZORCAKE a few times, though not in a couple of years.  And even though I’ll never stop in … Continue reading

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See your name in lights

I recently found this; You can see the full-sized one here.  It’s a screencap from the Barnes & Noble website for a book called Corpse of Freedom.  A review of the book that I did for Razorcake a while ago … Continue reading

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These nights go on like boats and planes…

“Trucks & Trains (Listening Habits)” is at Razorcake, so check it out. I love them both. I can listen to Dan Yemin scream his heart and throat out in the morning, helping juice me up to deal with ungrateful customers, … Continue reading

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It’s hard to know where people go

Random, sorta like this which I found thanks to the magic of Google; I might be showing up on paper by June, reviewing books for someone, not entirely sure. We shall see if it’s legit or I end up with … Continue reading

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Really? Are we serious now?

John Tesh is on Late Night with Conan O’Brian, human beatboxing and doing the robot. It’s probably the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. – Working with Ology is turning into a ton of shit to do and I hope it … Continue reading

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I’m a new soul

I’m officially sick of Law & Order. Sorry, Jerry. – Wow; The alternate ending to the movie I Am Legend. That sucked. A lot. – Honestly, I had something smart to say about something, probably about Gilbert Ryle’s Ghost In … Continue reading

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