random book review – Bob Mould, “See A Little Light”

Bob Mould is one of my all-time heroes, and See A Little Light: The Trail of Rage and Melody is a goddamn amazing book.

Let’s elaborate.

As he tells the story in his autobiography (written alongside music journalist and Our Band Could Be Your Life), Bob Mould tells the story of his childhood, his introduction to the power of music, and his struggle with his own sexuality and personal identity. The backdrop is the independent/”alternative” music scene of the 1980’s and 1990’s, in a post-hardcore and grunge-seeped world.

The players? The members of Bob’s various bands, from the groundbreaking Husker Du to the groundswelling Sugar to his solo works and DJ/electronic work. Not to mention Mould himself, who’s pretty honest about his flaws, the way his life went, and why he made the decisions he made.  He’ll admit to having been a less-than-stellar friend, member of a relationship, and band member, but also talks pretty honestly about some of the things he’s seen and known in his years as an influential member of the indie music community.

Look…if you know who Bob Mould is, then you’re a fan and there’s no real reason not to read this book. If you aren’t and are just interested in books about music, or aren’t a music fan but are interested in reading a great example of someone coming to terms with their sexuality and how it can be a lifelong struggle to pin down sexual and personal identity, you should still pick this up for a read.

And even if you AREN’T a Mould fan, a fan of books about personal identity, or a fan of books about music…well, then I don’t really know if I want to be friends with you, because your taste in music and books is probably terrible.

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random comic review – Scenes From an Impending Marriage

Autobiographical comics are a really weird case.  An indie comics staple ever since the 1970’s when the burgeoning “comix” scene began to grow and foster itself as a reaction to not only mainstream superhero comics but also large-scale newspaper syndicated strips, On one hand, they can be incredibly boring.  Like mind-numbingly so.

Who wants to know about a week in your life where you go to parties and mope and eat Ramen noodles and complain to no one?

Daniel Clowes, I’m looking at you.

At the same though, they can also be incredibly funny and heartfelt, showing people the human side to a story, a community, or an otherwise abstract type of concept we normally wouldn’t think about.

Thankfully, cartoonist/illustrator Adrian Tomine’s little Scenes From An Impending Marriage, a re-release of a minicomic gift he created for his wedding that told the story of his and his fiancee’s preparation for their nuptuals, is in the good side.

I think the reason I like it so much is that it reminds me so much of my own relationship, the way we’ve tackled the preliminary startup of our own wedding planning. The stress, the compromise, the decision-making, and Tomine’s sparse but expressive art depicting him as being pretty “meh” while his now-wife has did most of the work.

Overall it’s pretty cute, a nice little package of a comic/minicomic and autobio story. No self-depracating bullshit, no overwrought drama, just a story about two people slightly overwhelmed as they try to get married. I randomly got this at the bookstore after vaguely recognizing the book from some article on a comics blog, and it was a great decision, one I go back to to reread every so often.

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A brand-new GREEN LANTERN poster and trailer!

At this past weekend’s WonderCon, WB premiered a new poster and some new footage of the upcoming “Green Lantern”, starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan.  The new poster (above, courtesy of the very professional iFanboy), is pretty standard for an FX-heavy superhero comic book adaptation film.

The new footage, however, is pretty fucking aces.  I’ve talked about how I tend to go back and forth about this movie, especially considering my waning love for the current direction of the Green Lantern comics these days, but this footage makes me wanna once again consider petitioning for a GL ring as my wedding band when Tessa and I get married.

Check it out;

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The new video from Tin Horn Prayer

You should check out the official video for “Devil Makes Me” by Tin Horn Prayer, off of their latest amazing full-length Get Busy Dying. There’s a review of the whole album forthcoming but until then;

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Paolo Rivera painting Daredevil

I’m always fascinated by the artistic process when it comes to comics, and seeing people do old-fashioned PAINT painting is amazing. Check this out, as Rivera works on the cover to the upcoming DAREDEVIL #1 (I think) of the new upcoming DD series at Marvel he’s drawing, with Mark Wait writing.

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the new CAPTAIN AMERICA trailer

The new trailer for “Captain America: The First Avenger”, starring Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Tommy Lee Jones, and more, has hit the Internet…

and this movie looks awesome! I was initially not that huge of a Captain America fan until I started reading Mark Waid and Ed Brubaker’s takes on the character. I can’t wait for this film, it looks like a lot of fun and a really cool take on the shield-slinging supersoldier Avenger.

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